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2016年 12月 15日 This year’s English blog

 Read the passage and answer the following questions.




It was (A) that a wonderful meeting (27) on me.

As I reflect my 19 years, I haven’t experienced anything to say “romance”, though my friend already has a girlfriend. I was dismayed due to my ceaseless mistakes in my university and office, so I went to a party in Nishi-Azabu. Compared with loudness of Shibuya, it was so peaceful here.

 I was alone. However, I got used to go to luxurious restaurants by (B), so I was OK.

 I was (28) ready for the party in a lounge in second floor of the restaurant. I put a hat on my head and headband of pumpkin on the hat.

 I moved to the first underground floor, and was (29). There were a small penguin, shark and Elsa.

 I came alone, so I shared one table with two female pairs.

 A mini pie and the first drink were come. People who are allowed to drink liquor drank “kitty”, but I was 19 years old, so I drank ginger ale.

 The appetizer was pumpkin potage with various sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and foie gras. Each material was good and got along with potage.

 The next dish was umemadai, which is the sea bream (30) up by being fed ume in Wakayama. This fish tastes a little ume. People around me said that it tasted better (Ⅰ)(eat) with white wine which was served to adults, but I endured with ice tea.

 When I was enjoying eating, one of the pairs in my table (31) to me (32),

 “Did you come alone?”

 I was a little embarrassed, but I answered, “Yes.”

 Then, l and them started to (33) with each other. They were about twenty-year-old women, who came here to see their friend who worked here. After this party, they would go to Osaka with the friend by night bus. I (31) of my university, club and part-time job. “It tastes so good!” We were enjoying chatting and eating.

 Third dish was Japanese black beef. I ate it with mango juice, but it must be good with red wine.

 Then a dress contest was started. Four conditions of dress were shown in advance: black socks, item of pumpkin, gold (D) accessory, black hat, but I forgot one of them. There was, however, another condition, face painting, that hasn’t shown yet. Only 5 people satisfied these conditions, and one of them got a present.

 Then, a lottery was (34), and (C) pair in my table got a sham pang. The penguin and the shark were bored, so (E) they stopped being them.

 After the events, we moved to the 3rd floor. During the transfer, we saw the Elsa.

 After we got to the 3rd floor, the girls saw their friend, so I became alone again.

 In this time, I enjoyed the dessert buffet. Each dessert was made by each pâtissier. Eyes made of bavarois, fingers made of biscuits and almonds were so realistic. Ghosts made of meringue or macarons were cute. It was about 8, so children’s magic was dissolved.

 When I was going to get the last drink, I (33) across the girls, so we go upstairs to the room of chapel.

 After we got cocktails, we talked with each other.

 “This restaurant is kind for families who have little children.”

 “This restaurant is not so expensive.”

 Three cup of late decorates our precious time.

 9:30. It was time for us to leave.

 Before leaving the restaurant, we took pictures, and got a manager’s card.

 The last day of October was going to come in a few hours. Talking with each other, we got to Hiroo station. The time with them was about to end. “It will be only one chance in our lives.” Then, l and they go down to different platforms. After I got on a train to north, I waved to the girls on (C) of the platform.

 On my way home, I realized my mistake- I forgot to ask their contact addresses. At first, I regretted. But something in me reasoned, “It’s OK if you can’t see with them. Absence makes you strong.”

 Looking back the conversation with them, I told I want to be a popular comedian. Then, they said,

 “It sounds good! We pray your success!”

 They must sometimes think of me if they can’t meet with me- I just understand what my favorite idol always says. Our hearts are always connected with each other. I don’t know their names, but I know they are “hope.”

 (F) I was alone, but I wasn’t alone.



 (1)Choose the word which is proper to fill each blank (27) to (34) from below words, and change the form as needed.

 (a)make (b)speak (c)seat (d)get (e)take (f)come (g)fall (h)say (i)sit (j)tell (k)hold (l)bring

 (2)What date is proper to fill in (A)?

 (3)Answer the one word which is proper to fill in (B).

 (4)Why did the author wear a hat and a headband?

  (a)to satisfy the dress code

  (b) to be outstanding

  (c) someone coordinated his dress

  (d)to get a present

  (e) to be disguised not to be talked to

 (5)Change the form of word (Ⅰ)”eat” properly.

 (6)Choose the one word or phrase which is proper to fill in (C) from below.

              other, the other, another, others, the others

 (7)Choose the one word whose accent is in same place as the word (D)”accessory.”

  (a)atmosphere (b)demonstrate (c)envelope (d)democracy (e)ultimate

 (8)What means phrase (E)”they stopped being them?”

 (9)What means phrase (F)” I was alone, but I wasn’t alone?”

 (10)Which of the following statements is true?

  (a)The author always goes to luxurious restaurants alone.

  (b)In the author’s table, there were 4 people.

  (c)This restaurant has four stories.

  (d)The author had three dishes.

  (e)The author was the last person who went out from the restaurant.