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2015年 10月 6日 My Dream Speech ~Journalist~

Hello, everyone. I am Shuya Nishikata.

Today, I’d like to talk you about MY DREAM.


This is today’s resume.

First, I will introduce myself.

Second, I will tell you why I want to be a journalist.

Third, I will tell you my effort to realize my dream.

Last, I will send you a message.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Shuya Nishikata.

I’m a freshman at the Waseda University.

I major in culture, media, and society.

I belong to a Yosakoi dance circle. We go around Japan and performance there.


Let’s move on to next topic, MY DREAM.

My dream is to be a journalist.

I want Japanese people to spend happy life. I want them to know the real society and think about happenings deeply.


When I was a high school student, I read a book about life of a journalist.

The title is “I want to be a journalist” by Akira Ikegami.

Do you know him? Actually, He was an NHK journalist.

He made great efforts to catch important information. It was difficult, but he succeed in his tasks.


After I read the book, I thought journalists were fantastic job.

So, I checked the works of journalists.

There are three main tasks of journalist.

First, to catch important information, they need to go around Japan and the world.

Second, they need to report happenings fast.

Third, they need to explain complicated news clearly.

These tasks make our lives fulfilled!

So, I want to be a journalist.


To be a good journalist, I learn social studies and read newspaper seriously now because journalists should have a lot of acknowledge about society.

I hope I fruit these efforts.


Last, I would like to tell you my favorite words.


“Taking the initiative leading to victory”. (先手必勝)


My dream will come true and I hope your dreams come true, too.


Thank you for reading!